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Another Way to Get Paid!
Send Moola Sends Money via phone or tablet

Available in Google Play!

To get the mobile payment system.

  1. Buy the app from Google Play Store
  2. Download, open & install it.
  3. Open the app & pay $5 for 1 year license.
  4. Email us desired iconoid for your custom app.
  5. Receive custom mobile payment app & QR code within 24-48 hours most cases.
  6. Install new app & begin to get paid.
  7. Give your customers the QR code so they can install your app on their devices and begin to pay you.

The mobile payment system lets you get paid with debit or credit cards or paypal money, using only an android device.  No plug-in required.

Photo: Paypal is conducting an experiment in a Singapore subway system that allows smart phone users to conduct transactions from the subway wall.

We at are building these systems in Texas and can deliver yours within 1-2 days in most cases.

Customers pay using android cell phones with credit cards or Paypal cash

Technology behind allows customers to shop using their android phones and other devices/tablets.

The site was built to allow users to conduct fundraisers and request customer payments.  By adding an android application, it's taken the system mobile!

Get it now!

This is accomplished using QR Codes.

Print & stick/place QR Codes anywhere that customers are i.e., back of your tablet, automobile window, bumper sticker, clip board, invoices, business cards, door frames - you get the idea.

Customers scan QR code, then download and install the mobile app.  Having installed the app on their mobile device, customers simply open the app and pay you with a credit card or with paypal money.  The payment is sent to your paypal account.

Applicable Scenarios

Mobile Payment Systems from

Frosted Pink Cookie Company

I've installed the application on my handheld and there are two ways I can now pay the bakery.

a) When I pickup my goodies I can scan the QR code which has been placed on the counter top or printed on an invoice.

b) I open the Frosted Pink Cookies mobile app on my tablet where I land on the paypal payment page.

Trade Show Scenario

Let's pretend I've set up a booth to promote my new mobile payment system.

I'm standing there wearing my SendMoola polo shirt holding my 7" Samsung tablet, when a customer stops by and says, "Tammy I want customers to pay me with a credit card on the fly.  I don't want to mess with paper or receipts and I don't want to swipe a card or attach a gadget atop my mobile phone. How do I get your system?"  I'll tell them, "scan or click right here!"

Visit another post about this payment system.

Available in Google Play!

The cost of Send Moola's Mobile Payment System:

A one time fee of $20 to purchase the app, plus a $5 per year license fee.


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Send Moola Mobile Payment System

Mobile Send Moola

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